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Marana, Oro Valley & Saddlebrooke Plumbing Service


Affordable Plumbing Tucson provides quality plumbing service for all of Marana and the Tucson area .  Call us today at 520-401-8821 for all of your home and light commecial plumbing needs.  We offer affordable, gimmick free plumbing in the Marana, Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke and Tucson areas.

Leaky Faucets?  Give Us a Call


Are you faucets leaking?  This can add enormous costs to your water bill each month.  With Affordable Plumbing on your side you can get all of your faucets working properly and without leaks.  We service faucets and other plumbing fixtures in Marana and all of the Tucson area.   


How do we fix leaky faucets and other plumbing problems at an affordable rate in Tucson and Marana?  It's simple, we have lower overhead than most companies and pass the savings on to you!   Don't delay!  Contact us today to get all of your Marana and Tucson Plumbing needs resolved!

Drain Cleaning in Tucson and Marana


When it comes to plumbing issues,  there is nothing more annoying, and gross than a clogged drain.   We handle problems like this everyday for our customers in Marana and the Tucson surrounding area.   


Give us a call today to unclog your drains and get your plumbing working in tip top shape.  We offer affordable rates that most of the companies in town just can't compete with.   Get your drains unclogged today by calling us at 520-401-8821.

Water Heater Service


Nothing beats a warm shower after a long day.  If your water heater is not working properly you won't get the relaxation you deserve. By the time the winter months arrive, the problem will most likely get worse. Affordable Plumbing can service your water heater and get it running at peak efficiency.


Need a new water heater?  We can help!  Affordable Plumbing will remove your old water heater and replace it with a new water heater for much less than you may think.  Give us a call at 520-401-8821 today to get your water at the perfect temperature for your entire family to enjoy.

Drain Pipe Video Inspections
Sometimes no matter how often you clean your drain pipes problems still persist. Our sewer and small pipe cameras take the guesswork out of drain problems. Not only can we see the problem, but we can also pinpoint it's exact location underground should further repairs be necessary.


 Other Plumbing Services We Provide:


Clogged Drains - tub, kitchen, lavatory, toilets, washing machine, etc.

Fixture upgrades


Toilet Repairs

Leaking Pipe Repairs

Re-circulation Pumps

Polybutylene pipe repairs and replacements

Ice Maker Lines and valves

Angle Stops

Dishwasher and Washing Machine/Dryer Hookup

Shut off valve replacement

Pressure Regulator replacement

Water softener installation and replacement

Emergency repairs

Water Heater Repairs and Replacement

Anti-Siphon Valves installed and replaced

Water Line Replacement

Sewer Repairs

Water Filtration Systems



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